Phantom Forces Beta

Hello Today were talking about Phantom Forces Beta as you can see in the title Phantom Forces Beta is a mmo rpg game with first person shooters. Phantom forces beta is made by StyLiS Studios Shout out to them for making a very good first person shooter game. Also It's still in beta In BETA! Who know's what StyLiS Studios will add to phantom forces beta for the full game . For phantom forces beta It's free! not like for other games in beta, alpha testing stage!

Phantom Forces beta



[Message from litozinnamon] "Account has been recovered. Roblox admins are taking proper procedures to repair the damages caused." [0.8.0] SCAR Variants - New SCAR-L and SCAR-H model rebuilt! - New SCAR PDW, SCAR HAMR, and SCAR SSR added! - Restructured class set ups - Reconfigured the Mall map significantly More detailed change log to come! [PLANTS VS ZOMBIES : GW2] Promotion event - Maps will temporarily have new ads about GW2! [NEW UPDATE VIDEO 12] [ BLOXYS: Game of the Year 2015 ] Thank you everyone for supporting this game! Follow us on Twitter for updates! Please continue to support our game by dropping some robux for us poor college students in the credits shop and enjoy!

This is the current Description For 3/29/2016

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